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Looking ahead for Rumsey Green

By Staff | May 9, 2014

The Rumsey Green Committee met Tuesday morning for an update on the project’s status.

Eric Lewis. member of the Rumsey Green development team, spoke to the group’s recent efforts to find anchor retailers.

“We have been non stop working to find an anchor,” Lewis said.

Lewis said the developers are exploring the viability of a conceptual plan laid out by Placemakers last year.

As previously reported, Placemakers was hired in August of 2011 by the Corporation of Shepherdstown to assist in developing strategy for potential annexation of the development.

The Rumsey Green project remains in the early stages of the annexation process with the corporation.

At Tuesday’s meeting Lewis discussed parallel avenues the development team is considering, as the Placemakers concept may prove a difficult sell for potential anchor retailers without some adjustment.

An alternative plan may include more parking and a less dense retail area, though buildings would remain mixed use and a grid format, as in indicative of Shepherdstown’s downtown area, would still be appropriate.

A lifelong Shepherdstown resident Lewis said, Rumsey Green was originally environed as a way to fulfill an “unmet need” for another grocery store and local urgent care facility.

“We have this property and it’s in the absolute best location,” he said.

The Rumsey Green development team will continue to work in cooperation with the town.

“I have a vested interest in this looking nice,” Lewis reiterated at Tuesday’s meeting.

Lewis and Rumsey Green Committee members plan to revisit all possible options with Placemakers following Tuesday’s meeting.