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Town elects new officers

By Staff | Jun 9, 2014

Corporation of Shepherdstown residents cast their votes Tuesday, June 3 in the election of a new Town Council, Mayor and Town Recorder.

According to Town Clerk Amy Boyd, 141 total ballots were cast on Tuesday, while 34 residents early voted, and 13 provisional votes stand subject to verification.

Mayor Jim Auxer received 198 votes. Candidates for Recorder, Lori Robertson and Dave Springer received, 106 and 49 votes respectively.

Town Council candidate Jim Ford received 101 votes; Wanda Grantham Smith received 116; Karene Motivans received 89; David Rosen received 104, and Bane Schill received 90 votes.

Though voter turn out was reportedly low, Tuesday’s election marks the first time in more than two election cycles that a seat stood contested.

Lori Robertson said she was “humbled,” by her win over Springer.

“You try to do good things for the town and you hope that people notice and I felt like they did with this election,” she said.

Robertson oversell Tuesday’s election proceedings as part of her duties as Recorder.

She said the poll workers who arrived at 5:30 a.m., performing their duties until votes were reconciled at nearly 10 p.m., deserve appreciation and praise.

Robertson also noted the assistance Town Clerk, Amy Boyd provided throughout the day.

In an interview Wednesday morning, Boyd called turn out “unfortunately low.”

This year’s election did see a full ballot, however.

A dearth in interested candidates in 2010 resulted in the original appointment of Dave Springer to the Council, according to Boyd — a common issue for the small town’s municipal elections.

Mayor Auxer was reelected this year with the greatest number of total votes.

Auxer has served as mayor since 2008, previously serving in 2000, before being defeated by challengers in 2004 and 2006.

Jim Ford will return to the council following Tuesday’s election, after serving previously for multiple terms.

The council’s longest serving member, Wanda Grantham Smith, was reelected with the second highest number of total votes Tuesday.