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Film tonight

By Staff | Aug 1, 2014

Directed, produced, written, edited, and filmed by Shepherdstown native Jason A. Smith, “Losing Cable 2: Journey to Infinity” is the ultimate independent sci-fi action-comedy. Two best friends enter a script writing contest for their favorite sci-fi TV show, Space Commander: Action Infinity, but when they discover their script was stolen and used in a new season the boys hatch a plan to steal back the script and exact justice, only to discover a secret that tears the very fabric of space and time as they know it.

Come out tonight, Friday, Aug. 1 to the Shepherdstown Opera House for this feature length movie premiere and watch the entire film on the big screen in all of it’s immense gut-busting, lens flare tripping, space-time ripping glory. Made on the tiniest of shoe string budgets and crafted over the course of two years, “Losing Cable 2: Journey to Infinity” is everything one could ask for in an independent sci-fi comedy. The director will be present, probably sweaty, and ready to take questions after the screening. Admission is free.