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Town council hears about Shepherdstown Remote Worker Program, CATF events

SHEPHERDSTOWN — The Corporation of Shepherdstown’s monthly Town Council meeting began with a discussion by Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative Assistant Dean Danny Twiley about the Shepherdstown Remote Worker Program, Tuesday evening on Zoom. The program, which is currently in ...

April Fool’s!: Ducks take over town for April Fool’s Day

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Yesterday morning, on April Fools’ Day, Shepherdstown residents woke up to find the downtown area overtaken by hundreds of mini rubber ducks. According to Shepherdstown resident Jim Gatz, the April Fools’ prank seemed to have been conducted by an anonymous person or group ...

Shepherd University ready to hold three vaccination clinics for students

SHEPHERDSTOWN — After some deliberation, the state of West Virginia determined that the COVID-19 vaccination should be available to students, including those at Shepherd University, this semester. Students will be able to get the vaccine starting today. Two more vaccination clinics will be ...

Shepherd students discuss their viewpoint on the COVID-19 vaccination process

SHEPHERDSTOWN — Students at Shepherd University could be getting the COVID-19 vaccination soon, according to an email sent out to students on March 11. If approved by the university administration, the vaccine will be given on campus for free to students who choose to take it. As of now, ...

Corgi close-up

SHEPHERDSTOWN -- A Welsh Corgi prances around its lawn on Saturday afternoon.

Strutting his stuff

SHEPHERDSTOWN -- A rooster struts in front of a hen by a chicken coop in downtown Shepherdstown Saturday afternoon.

Town council discusses website redesign, opening of farmer’s market

SHEPHERDSTOWN -- The monthly meeting of the Shepherdstown Town Council was held on March 9, during which a number of updates were discussed, including the opening of the Shepherdstown Farmer's Market and status of the town's website redesign. According to town council member Jim Ford, the ...

Ready for spring

SHEPHERDSTOWN -- Crocuses and buttercups bloom along New Street in downtown Shepherdstown on Saturday afternoon, ready for the coming of spring on March 20.