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Andrew Laurenson

Aug 25, 2017

Andrew Laurenson passed away Aug. 17, 2017. Andrew was born May 13, 1934 in Coney Island, NY. It is here as a child that he began a lifelong love of the ocean and of sailing. Andrew enlisted in the Navy after high school. After his service, he attended college and graduate school on the GI Bill. Education and service to his community were very important to Andrew. He was dedicated to developing the first state-funded day care centers in NJ and was committed to the civil rights movement. During his marriage to Trudy Laurenson, they had two children: a son, Ian, and a daughter, Erika. In 1970 he moved his family to WV for a simpler life. It was at this time that he divorced. In 1983 he met his beloved, Margaret Hughes, and her three children Toby, Jamie, and Mackie. They moved to Shepherdstown, WV and began renovating historic homes. Andrew discovered a love of performing and was a participant in The Rumsey Radio Hour. As a couple, they were devoted to the area and to each other. Andrew retired from Shenandoah Community Health in Martinsburg, WV where he worked as an LCSW(Licensed Clinical Social Worker) until July of 2012. Andrew was preceded in death by his parents, two sisters, and his wife Margaret Hughes. He is survived by all 5 of their children and 2 grandchildren.

Memorial arrangements are being planned and will be determined at a later date.