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An opportunity worth seizing

By Staff | Mar 27, 2020

How are you doing with social distancing? So far, no one has told me that they are going crazy. My own observations are these.

People are largely enjoying the respite from the usual grind. Most people don’t have to get up in the morning with the alarm. It’s true, all the cancellations may have caused some inconvenience, (e.g., the government shut down hairdressers the day before my appointment. By the time this is over, I’ll look like Samson before Delilah) but a fair amount of money is being saved by nothing going on. If it’s not happening, you don’t have to pay for it.

In general, Linda and I are finding more time to just enjoy life. True, there are the dishwasher, the wood, the trash, the laundry and food shopping, but there’s also more interaction with each other, more laughter, more time to read and share what we are reading and we even started a jigsaw puzzle today (“Readers Paradise from White Mountain”; it’s a picture of the inside of a bookstore). Taking walks on our street has led to some chitchat with neighbors previously unknown. There’s gardening. You might say that many folks are feeling more relaxed, caught up with themselves and with life, at least that’s our experience.

With all this relative calm and with the threat of terminal illness floating through the air this would seem to be a good time to explore our spiritual growth. We Americans love action; whatever is out there has more appeal for most of us, than what is inside us. The introverts and visionaries know better, but they seem to strike the majority as somehow not getting with the program.

Spiritual growth is like the growth of a plant. It does not sit there as a seed in the ground, listing its faults and resolving to do better; instead it goes with the flow in the process of becoming what it is — a beautiful, flowering plant. It relies on its higher powers, the sun, the soil and water. Enmeshed in this process is the animator of it all, Spirit.

For us, engaging with this Spirit leads to expansion. We find that our energy is increasing, our view of life and the world is evolving and our compassion for ourselves and others is from a higher plane. Ram Dass, writing in “Polishing the Mirror,” describes three planes of consciousness: one is the ego, or the personality; next is our individual soul, which is the witness of ourselves and everything that comes to our attention; finally is the mystic, which can be described as “the One.” All of us can access all three.

True spiritual growth takes us beyond our tribe. It takes us into deep healing through energetic means, and it expands our awareness into realms previously outside our experience. It makes us more loving both to ourselves, our families, and to our neighbor, i.e., all people.

This process can be facilitated by someone who has travelled the road before you. I have a free half-hour phone consultation available.

Bill O’Brien is a consciousness coach and shamanic practitioner. He and his wife Linda have lived in Shepherdstown since 2005. He can be reached at 304-876-6071 or billobrienconsciousnesscoach@gmail.com.