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The Big Move

By Staff | May 30, 2014

Growing older has had its ups and downs. The ups are wonderful, I now have time for those little things in life that I have come to enjoy, just sitting outside on a beautiful day watching the white puff clouds roll by is one of them. I have gotten back into reading which I have enjoyed since I was just a little child reading my “Golden Rule” books.

The down side has been a year long struggle with my health. There are days I wonder if I will over come the many illnesses. There are other days when I feel that ever so slowly I am getting better.

To add to all of this I have moved one last time, I hope, to a smaller apartment. The move itself was a giant project and as of this writing is still not a hundred percent done. The move was made and now it’s a job to put everything I had in a large apartment into a smaller one, but the job is getting done. Many of my friends helped with the move and I was in the hospital when they moved my things. I know it took a lot of time and work to accomplish this task.

Below is a short poem I wrote about the move. It does not have a title, it’s just a few words about my feelings about the start of a new life in a new place. Since the move I have started to make new friends.

The Move is done I hope it’s the last.

From the time the new lease was signed

to now was a good six weeks.

I did not make the move alone; there was a lot of help.

I have been asked not to name them all but between them

and the mover the job got done.

The move was made in plastic bags that filled one large room.

Who ever thought that one person who started on the

Road of life with one small suitcase could have collected so

much stuff in in seventy years.

The move was timed so that when I got home the new abode

Would be ready for me.

In life we are lucky if we have one or two close friends.

But The Good Lord has given me many more.

From the bottom of my old soul I can only say, many, many,

Thank You’s to all that helped in making one last move happen.