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An Angel’s Touch

By Staff | Jul 11, 2014

Growing up had its ups and downs. I was lucky to have a mother that looked not only at my every day problems and scrapes and scratches but she also looked at helping me learn not only to read but to also help me to learn to swim. In all her teaching, she also gave me just enough freedom to let me learn lessons on my own.

I was also lucky that mother was one of nine children; there were plenty of aunts and uncles that I spent time with. I have written about some of these experiences over the years. I also grew up in a time when this country was a gentler place to live. Though the population of Washington had grown since the start of World Was II, it still had its small town flavor.

I believe today as many others around the world believe that there are many angels sent from heaven that touch our lives in many ways–God’s messengers at work in the world today.

Like others I believe that the angels come to us in our every day lives both as close friends or others that we deal with through our every day lives. Angels come in many forms, from helpful animals to mysterious strangers, from glorious heavenly angels to earth angels, human beings who generously help others.

Angels can also come to us in dreams, on a breeze, or in a strain of music. When they appear, they always radiate life-affirming hope. We read every day of how some animals such as dogs or cats helped someone from being burned to death. The human aspect of angels coming into our every day lives are almost too numerous to name. When have you herd the phrase “I’m going to sleep on it.” Have you ever had a snap decision that you made that helped you through a problem?

In my life I can name many times where decisions had to be made or someone intervened in my life to help me. These people can be total strangers. One of the last times I was in Washington I was going to cross an intersection on Connecticut Ave.. As I stepped from the curb someone behind me grabbed me and pulled me back on the curb. “Look out” he said. When I turned around to thank him he had already gone. I had nearly stepped in front of a bus that was coming down the street.

Throughout my life things like that have happened to me. There is not enough space to write of all the people that have helped me along the way. Getting old has as I have said had its ups and downs, but I have to admit in all honesty that with out a little help from my friend and a large helping hand from my guardian angels through the years my life could have turned out differently. Every night I thank the Lord for the life He has given me and the protection from harm thoughtout my life.