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Just around the corner will be the wonderful fall

By Staff | Aug 11, 2014

Well the summer is moving along. Soon it well be fall and the cooler weather will be here as well as the night frost and of course the changing of the season as well as the changing of the trees. The trees will go from a dry green to red and yellow and rusty red and a rainbow of other colors.

I have written about the fall before, but this year is a little different. It will be the first fall in a year or two when I feel healthy enough to get out and enjoy the fall weather.

Some of the best things about fall are the sights, sounds and smells. There are many things to see in fall. The leaves on trees and plants are extremely colorful and beautiful. There is a giant array of Halloween decorations all around, and the sky is either a gorgeous kind of cloudy or nice and clear. On any given day you can hear wind or rain and fallen leaves scraping across the ground. There are so many different smells that you can barely keep track. You can smell pies and carved pumpkin, or the smell of everyone’s Thanksgiving food.

Some of my favorite memories have happened in the fall. When I was younger, my friends and I would take bike rides in Rock Creak Park. The park runs through most of northwest Washington, D.C.

My grandmother used to make applesauce as well as apple butter. I loved the smells of the apples and other spices from her kitchen.

My grandfather used to take me with him when he went to the different farms. He would buy apples and pumpkins, as well as dried corn stalks which he used for decorations.

In the fall Gramps, as I called him, would rake the huge back yard. As I got older, I helped him rake the leaves into three big piles which he covered with an old sheets to keep them from blowing away. One fall day many years ago my friends and I decided to make one big pile of the leaves. We then jumped and rolled around in the leaves and the wind picked up and spread them out even more. To say the least, my grandfather was not a happy camper and he made us rake them up and put them back into the three piles with the old sheets over them. I think we were done raking long after the sun had set.

In closing, each year I try to write a new poem about the fall. Here is this year’s entry.

Once again the season have turned to fall

There is a stirring within my heart

I feel like I am awaking from a long summer nap.

I can watch as the summer leaves turn to gold and red.

I feel the cool breeze blowing and turning my cheeks red.

Summer is passing and I am again joyful to see the coming of fall.