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Remebering 20 years in Jefferson County

By Staff | Dec 12, 2014

I write a lot about times past. Some time the past comes alive though it was just yesterday. As I have gotten older the past does not seem that far away. In 2015 I will have lived in Jefferson County for 20 years.

Now memories of my first year here are starting to come back like some old sweet memories from long ago. I lived in downtown Charles Town, just a block off of Washington Street. The first place I ate at was a diner on Washington Street, The place was always full, and on Fridays and Saturdays people came to pick up fresh baked pies. All of the dishes served were homemade and the coffee was some of the best in town.

A few doors down was the American Legion Post. The bar and tables around reminded me of some of the older bars that I have seen around Washington. The bar served finger food as well as anything you might want to drink. Most of the people who used the bar were veterans from as far back as world war two. All of the folks there were friendly and helpful. Thanks to their saying hello and talking for awhile I began to feel at home. I had only been in town and week or two when one evening I won a prize. I forget what I got but the memory of that moment has stayed with me.

In February I remember the great blizzard. It snowed buckets and when the snow stopped it had covered some cars and was almost hip deep in places. I think it took a week before everything was partly cleared away. The people that lived up stares from me went to the store to pick up food and other things that I was running out of. Spring was and is a beautiful month in this part of West Virginia. The warm weather and the flowers of many colors that dotted the lawns of houses in the area gave off a wonderful smell of spring.

Though the area is more built up then when I moved here the town has some how kept its old town flavor.

One of the unique aspects of Charles Town was the willingness of people to let you become part of their group. It was through these people that I started up hobbies that I had growing up such as writing poetry and acting on stage as well as joining groups in doing things around Charles Town such as walking tours and tours of the Courthouse.

Judge Sanders gave a course in the history of the courthouse that included how the court was built and the history during the Civil War. We even went to the top of the clock tower to see the bell and how it operated. During my first illness the judge helped me to the top of the clock tower so that I could ring the bell. I have always remembered that kindness.

As I start on the next 20 years I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that have helped me through the last 20 years, I could not have done them with out your very kind help.