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Decisions, Decisions

By Staff | Jul 10, 2015

As I have gotten older the more advice I seem to get. Some of the ideas have been helpful while a lot of them are not worth remembering. All of the advice has come from well meaning people who care about me.

One of the pieces of advice that was given I did not follow. It concerned my living situation.

“Why don’t you move into a nursing home. They would have every thing you need and you would have less things to worry about.”

The idea was tempting and after giving it some thought I felt that if I went into a nursing home the biggest thing I would lose was my independence. I added up the plus and minuses and found that the minuses were greater then the pluses and decided I would keep on trucking with the way things were.

I have found out that when you are older you have slipped into a more comfortable way of life. The idea of making changes comes hard and sometimes good ideas fall by the wayside because we do not want to make changes. Another reason we find it hard to change is because we have become proud. Myself, I have worked all my life and would not ask the government or anyone to help me out.

The reason I mention not wanting to use the government for help is that another piece of advice had to do with government help. For nearly 22 years, I have lived in the same spot. It was an one bedroom apartment out in Tuscawilla Hills. The apartment was not cheap and for a long time I lived with almost being short every month. It was suggested that I find out if I was eligible for subsidized housing. I put off doing it for nearly six months. I applied for housing in Charles Town and was accepted. I moved into a beautiful two bedroom apartment which cost almost one fourth of what I was paying. It has been one of the best moves I have made.

The second bit of advice has helped me even more, I now have someone who helps me almost seven days a week The program is through the public Partnership of West Virginia

Other pieces of advice I have not followed had to do with everyday living and the ideas that I should join this group or the other. One idea was to join several online dating services and look for another wife. Other people thought I should try different diets and still others thought I should spend more time at the library

A couple of things that were on the downside of decisions I have made and live with are minor but still important to me. Having someone coming in to help me with my everyday care took at lot of getting use to. I found that choosing such a person was very hard. The biggest thing was to find someone that I could get along with as well as them getting on with me. It took me three tries to find that person. After living as a bachelor for over 30 years it took time to get used to having someone else in the house. I told some of my friends that it was like being marred for part of everyday.

The reason I have mentioned about making changes in life is to let you know that though it might be hard to make changes, changes can be made. I could go on forever about getting advice from my friends, I hope they never stop.

Remember the changes you make and the advice you listen to will be with you for the rest of your life unless you can get advice on how to change them. You see life goes on, advice goes on and changes go on. Oh no, I just tried to give you some advice, just forget it and have a very happy life.