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A year older and still fighting

By Staff | Nov 16, 2015

Well, old 73 has popped up and I have lived to see another birthday. First of all let me thank all of you who have sent me so many messages of kindness an the hope for many more years to come. I have always told friends that I would like to live to be 100 years old, but I have to admit that being around for nearly three quarters of a century is not too shabby.

Having said this, I am afraid that I must pass on some bad news. Last week I received some other bad news. I am anemic. On top of everything else I have a new medical battle to fight. Getting older can be a… .well you know what I mean.

I find that there are two ways to look at this. One, I can just through up my hands and say “woe is me” or two, I can find new ways to fight and to keep on going.

I have chosen the second. I have always been a fighter and well remain a fighter. Once again I will change my diet and start to work out even harder. The treatment for this problem is very hard also but I am going to put my all into it. For the next several months I will undergo getting several shots a month. I will also have to get replacement blood and platelets. I am writing about this to try and help others who also have medical problems.

One of the biggest lessons is to tell others about one’s illness is do not turn inward but to let your friends know of your problems. I have found that several of my friends have tried to find different ways of helping. They have also helped by just wishing me well. I do not feel alone in this struggle. Secondly try to keep your lifestyle going. If you enjoy walking then keep on walking or if you like working out, don’t stop. Try very hard not to let your illness overwhelm you.

I have thought about giving up something that I love doing. I love poetry and I love writing it. This column that I have done since 2007 has kept me going and something I look forward to doing each month. I have found over the years that fighting illness can become very tiring and time consuming, but there is great satisfaction in overcoming some of the problems and illnesses as well as the depression that can go with them.

People say that life is too short and we should just go with the flow and try and hang on. I do think life is short but what we do with it can only spice up our lives and will let us enjoy what we have and what we love.

So my friends keep up that good fight and find that silver lining that life has to offer.