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Continue to love everyone

By Staff | Aug 3, 2018

Friday night I had a dream. I was at a meeting of some official governing body of an unidentified country. A male member got up and began to read something from the Bible in support of his position on whatever we were talking about. When he finished, a woman rose and read something from the Quran. It said basically the same thing that the Bible had said, but the first man reacted angrily, shaking his fist at her. Next, another woman stood up and read more from the Quran. Although both women acted respectfully, boos and shouts increased in the room. Then I stood up, explaining all the world religions preached the same thing — to love our neighbor as ourselves. My words were barely heard over the ruckus that was continuing as I spoke. Finally, everybody began leaving the room in an atmosphere of anger — only one or two people made gestures of encouragement to me. The rest, the men anyway, were seething with rage.

What this dream means to me, is the still male-dominated society in which the world lives is approaching matters of ultimate meaning through their heads. The emerging feminine society approaches the same things through the energy of love in their hearts, the only way spiritual truth can be approached. When we approach the Ultimate through our heads we become divided; when we approach through our hearts, we become one.

Our current president just might unwittingly be helping the United States move to its heart center. By creating chaos and getting everybody yelling at each other, he has at least created an atmosphere where people can vent their built-up frustration. The frustration comes from a feeling, the movement of history is going so fast that people are being forced out of their comfort zones. Trump has given them permission to shout out their aggravation, rooted in fear of the unknown.

An example of this is the white male who aggressively approached a Hispanic woman at a public park. I forget where this was but it happened. He got in her face in a fit of rage because she was wearing a t-shirt in the colors of the Puerto Rican flag, that said “Puerto Rico” on the front. He yelled at her that she was not going to change America. She responded calmly that she was not trying to change America, she was just waiting for her son’s birthday party to get underway and she had reserved the pavilion for that purpose.

Beneath his anger is fear that his world is changing, swiftly and dramatically, and he has no say in it.

The woman represents the Divine Feminine who is rising in the world’s psyche as a portent of the demise of patriarchy.

If the venting, once it’s over, leads to listening, then progress will have been made. I doubt this is the result Donald Trump intended, but this is how Spirit wins out.

Bill O’Brien can be reached at billobrienconsciousnesscoach@gmail.com.