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Riverfront revitalization issue should be considered

By Staff | Oct 15, 2010

The citizens of Shepherdstown should hear what the Corporation of Shepherdstown and partnering agencies have planned for the riverfront revitalization before making up their minds about the project.

We at The Chronicle have received emails from citizens with theories of lack of transparency on the town’s part as well as rumors of what will take place at the waterfront.

While the Corp. of Shepherdstown has addressed that there has been a “lack of reliable information” about the project, let officials get all of their ducks in a row before they present potential plans to the public. Isn’t it better to have done too much than not enough research to see what the best possible approaches are?

Revitalizing and preserving a riverfront sound like a wonderful effort. Lets see what the plans are before we make judgments and point fingers.

Attend Monday’s meeting at the Shepherdstown Train Station. Hear what the local officials and their partners have to say about the revitalization effort. Then form an opinion.

Then decide where you stand on the issue.