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Editorial Page – Our Opinion

By Staff | Oct 29, 2010

It’s that time of year again; Election Day is just around the corner.

It’s hard to believe that Nov. 2 is just days away, and with early voter turnout already at an astonishing 9 percent in Jefferson County, it seems like this midterm election will certainly bring even more to the polls come Tuesday.

One issue that perhaps can drive people to the polls is the voting of the excess levy. It is a simple “for” or “against” vote.

The levy, a continuation of a tax that has been in place since 1946, will “maintain and improve the instructional programs and the operation of school services for the Jefferson County Public Schools” if renewed according to the ballot.

Funds will go towards West Virginia University Extension Services support; local libraries support; instructional materials, such as textbooks, hardware and software and other classroom supplies; school allocations; compensation for substitutes; employee benefits and professional development and personnel not funded by the state aide formula.

The county also receives some money from the table games and receives the state minimum. While levy money goes towards operating expenses, though, the race track money goes towards capitol expenses a budget that takes care of construction and maintenance.

Whether you vote for or against the levy, consider all of the possible funding options: the Charles Town Races, state funds and either the levy tax dollars or money out of parents’ pockets.

On Nov. 2, you decide.