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Editorial Page – Our Opinion

By Staff | Nov 5, 2010

Conservation can mean preserving a variety of things: wild life, the environment, culture and history. All of these things are very important to Shepherdstown and its surrounding areas.

Yesterday the 8th annual American Conservation Film Festival launched in our own back yard. This festival, however, isn’t just about the films.

The organizers of the festival bring in the filmmakers and the experts themselves to talk about the issues raised in the thought-provoking and riveting documentaries, mockumentaries and personal accounts that will be screened in venues across historic and preserved Shepherdstown.

The ACFF has partnered with the National Conservation Training Center, the Opera House, Shepherd University, Sustainable Shepherdstown and other various volunteers to make this festival a success, like it has been in years past. Get out and enjoy the films you “won’t see anywhere else,” according to Chuck Dunkerly, ACFF president, and become aware about the issues, but also support the local organizations that made the event possible.

It is terrific to have such a wonderful festival to take on such an important and broad topic so close to home. Take advantage of the events happening this weekend at Shepherd, NCTC and the Opera House.

For a complete schedule and more information, visit www.conservativefilm.org.