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Editorial Page – Our Opinion

By Staff | Nov 19, 2010

Thanksgiving is not just a time to sit around a table, bountiful with gifts of our land, and partake in the consumption of the spread.

This holiday is about spending time with loved ones and recognizing everything for which we are truly thankful.

The traditions of Thanksgiving gathering around a table with family and friends, reflecting upon our lives, thinking about what we are thankful for and offering greetings to friends and neighbors will certainly be celebrated throughout our historic town of Shepherdstown.

The staff at The Chronicle is thankful for many things, but most of all we are thankful for you, our loyal readers. It is because of you that we do what we do. We are thankful for our unique town and the various stories we have the opportunity to cover throughout the year.

We can only hope that we provide you with the information you want and need, and we hope that more stories be they important, interesting, informative or controversial continue to present themselves.

The staff of The Shepherdstown Chronicle wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.