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Editorial Page — Our Opinion

By Staff | Dec 3, 2010

Sometimes during the holiday season we can let our priorities get out of line.

Suddenly, shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah gifts and baking the perfect holiday dessert is more important than thinking about others around us. Store aisles are bustling and holiday gatherings are well attended, but what about those in need?

Just like any other month, December is chock-full of causes to give back to or meanings to celebrate. October is famously known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and November is Native American Heritage Month, among many other things.

Dec. 1 was World AIDS Day. Today is the United Nations Day of Disabled Persons. Dec. 5 is International Volunteer Day. Dec. 10 is Human Rights Day. And the list goes on and on.

With it being such a busy time of year Christmas pageants to attend, final exams to finish up before winter break it’s easy to forget to give back.

You never have to make a grand gesture. Even small actions are appreciated.

Simply making a store a bit more handicapped accessible won’t only be a gesture today to disabled persons, but it will show them all the time that you care.

Taking time to help a neighbor hang Christmas lights or perhaps volunteering at an area soup kitchen on Sunday or any other day this season would not take much time out of your schedule.

It’s easy to let our priorities fall out of place. But one simple action can put them back in line just as easily.

Remember to give back this holiday season.

To learn more about other causes happening this month, visit the website at www.fundraisers.com/causes/.