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Editorial Page — Our Opinion

By Staff | Dec 31, 2010

We at the Shepherdstown Chronicle encourage our readers to attend the special town council meeting that has been called for Jan 5.

It will be held at the Shepherdstown Train Station. This meeting will be to hear the annexaction proposal from the Rumsey Development Group.

They have purchased some of the land surrounding the Sheetz gas station on Route 45. They want to development buildings incorporating services that Shepherdstown needs.

Come and hear what is being proposed. The developers want and need to be receptive to input from the community. Town councilors want to hear from the residents also.

It will be a lot easier for the developers to incorporate new ideas at the planning stages than dealing with opposition after the buildings are up.

Come to the meeting. Give your input to a team of developers who want to add to our community, who grew up in our community.

In such tough economic times, new jobs coming to our area need to be encouraged at every phase.