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Editorial Page — Our Opinion

By Staff | Jan 7, 2011

Today – via an announcement in The Chronicle – you, Shepherdstown residents, are officially invited to the town’s 250th birthday celebration.

What a celebration we can already foresee it being.

With motivated residents behind the planning and a band of volunteers that continue to grow by the day, the town’s semi-quincentennial is sure to be a feat that shouldn’t – and won’t – be missed.

We at The Shepherdstown Chronicle charge the organizations, businesses and residents alike to take part in the celebration.

The SQ 250 celebration, as it has been dubbed, will launch in less than a year during the first weekend of Christmas in Shepherdstown and the year-long festivities will continue until the culmination of the event in November 2012.

Ask yourself what you can do to contribute to this event honoring the beauty, history and inception of our town. Perhaps it would be volunteering your time throughout the months of planning. Perhaps it would be sponsoring or hosting a celebratory event.

Shepherdstown is a unique town and deserves an outstanding bash to celebrate its rich culture.

For more information about the planning, go to the Briefly Shepherdstown article that begins on page 1.