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Editorial Page — Our Opinion

By Staff | Jan 21, 2011

Everyday, neighbors help neighbors around Shepherdstown.

But perhaps one generous gesture was the one of the Shepherdstown Men’s Club reaching out to the Shepherdstown Paint and Art when they needed a space to relocate to.

Just weeks before the new year, the owner and manager of the long-running business were told that the landlord wanted to do some much-needed renovations, according to manager Roxanne Shields. Changes to the existing store meant a rent hike.

Though higher rent wasn’t in the budget, Shields was looking to relocate. She couldn’t shut down.

Why? Let’s review the stakeholders.

First, there is the store itself. The store had been a fixture in the town for three decades and it has been the livelihood of outgoing owner Bill Piercy for all that time. Incoming owner Shields wants to carry on Piercy’s traditions and offer the same supplies and services to the artist community in the area – which brings us to another stakeholder: artists.

Creativity runs rampant in the Eastern Panhandle. At Shepherdstown Paint and Art, artists can get a custom framing and matting job done and shop for their supplies at the same time. Even budding artists in the area, like in Shepherd University’s art department, benefit as Shields communicates with professors to ensure she has the right supplies in stock.

Everyday residents are even stakeholders. Perhaps they want to make a piece of art they have purchased look extra special. A retail store frame wouldn’t do the trick.

And finally, the SMC is now the newest stakeholder. They will have an ongoing relationship with Shields as she continues business just three doors down from the store’s original home.

Neighbors helping neighbors stay in business is truly nice to see.

For more information about the store’s move, read the article on page 1.