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Editorial Page — Our Opinion

By Staff | Feb 25, 2011

In the few riverfront revitalization team’s first meetings since October, the group has mainly addressed what they consider “low-hanging fruit,” or more attainable goals in the short time left in its partnership with the National Park Service.

Funding options and the potential use of an existing structure has been discussed, but little has been done about the major stakeholders in such a revitalization effort – the residents themselves.

This past week, a group of citizens addressed the Shepherdstown Planning Commission, presenting a letter of concern about different aspects of the project.

According to the letter, which was presented by resident Traci Morris, “Broad community support has not been demonstrated” in this revitalization effort along Shepherdstown’s waterfront. Their concerns also lie with some outside groups and nonresidents working on the project.

We at The Shepherdstown Chronicle urge residents to voice their concerns, like these citizens, at the public meetings the revitalization team holds and learn more about what they have in store.

We also charge the group to seriously consider their thoughts and concerns. You only have the NPS liaison until fall.

To get the most out of the partnership, perhaps not just focusing on short-term goals but reaching out to the stakeholders is what’s best.