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Editorial Page — Our Opinion

By Staff | Mar 4, 2011

Now that Contemporary American Theater Festival season teaser has come and gone, July can’t come soon enough.

The 21st annual CATF will take place July 8 through 31, and it will sure not disappoint.

Attendees at last weekend’s teaser got a taste of the five shows – the rotating repertoire – that will hit stages this summer.

From the minds of award-winning playwrights – like Sam Shepard and David Mamet to the stages of Shepherdstown, under the direction of familiar locals including CATF producing director Ed Herendeen, this year’s festival is sure to be a hit.

This year’s lineup includes “From Prague,” written by Kyle Bradstreet; “Race,” by Mamet; “Ages of the Moon,” by Shepard; “We Are Here,” by Tracy Thorne; and “The Insurgents,” written by Lucy Thurber.

And the turnout at the season teaser speaks volumes of what the public thinks of the festival. The sold-out event surely foreshadows what will come four months from now.

For more on the CATF season teaser, read the story on Page 1. For more about the festival itself, including show details, ticketing information and location of the plays, visit www.catf.org.