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Voters should remember important issues

By Staff | Apr 8, 2011

The gubernatorial election is certainly heating up.

Three candidates will have been to Shepherdstown by the end of this week. And their visits are not just about them informing you about their campaign promises and the platforms that they are running on

These visits are as much about what you – the residents of Shepherdstown – want them – the candidates for governor – to know about what is important to you.

Some of the issues that Shepherdstown and other Jefferson County residents might be interested in are quality of life, environmental impact, economic development and/or tourism issues and communication with the capitol city.

Because this area is a bedroom community of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, cost of living is much higher here than the rest of the state. Homestead exemption, teachers’ pay and the gas tax, we at The Shepherdstown Chronicle believe, are issues that affect our population.

While Sen. Herb Snyder, D-Jefferson, succeeded in having the state help subsidize Chesapeake Bay compliance projects, another major environmental concern is Marcellus Shale.

Then there is economic development and tourism. A Macy’s distribution center will begin construction soon in Berkeley County, but what else can that governor candidate offer to this area that has felt the effects of the economic downturn and can they help us support our population &?tourists through better infrastructure?

And then there is always the disconnect issue. What will our new governor do to make the residents of Jefferson County feel more connected with Charleston?

Speak up, and have your voice be heard. The primary election is quickly approaching. Let the gubernatorial candidates know where Shepherdstown and Jefferson County stand.