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Bring mill purchase before public

By Staff | Apr 15, 2011

The purchase of the cement mill has been something the Jefferson County Commission has batted around since the county Parks and Recreation Commission voted last summer that it wasn’t going to take on the project.

The project is about securing green space along the river, historic preservation and potential economic development opportunities.

However, some commissioners have reservations.

Shepherdstown’s representative, Walt Pellish, wants to use discretion when it comes to taxpayer dollars.

We at The Shepherdstown Chronicle think that is understandable. In any economic climate, elected officials should watch what they do with their constituents’ money.

However, other bodies have put forth about three-quarters of the $400,000 that is set aside to administer the purchase of this land.

If the taxpayers’ dollars are important, the taxpayers should be involved in the process.

A public comment period should be held in Shepherdstown regarding the purchase of the property. Historic preservation and economic development is incredibly important to these taxpayers, also.

While our elected officials are to act as our voice, sometimes it’s important to actually let the people speak up for themselves and say what they think should happen.