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‘We need to help each other’

By Staff | Apr 30, 2011

Vandalism should remain a top priority for Shepherdstown residents as acts continue to be made against our historic monuments and public sites.

An ongoing issue, vandalism here in Shepherdstown is nothing new. Every spring the problem seems to become prevalent once again and the vandals, perhaps more bold.

This year, vandals went as far as tagging the private property of a Shepherdstown resident, and the continued defacement of public property has gone on largely undeterred.

Though some responsibility rests with the Shepherdstown Police Department to fully investigate and pursue all criminal acts committed in our relatively low-crime town, some onus does rest with town residents who we encourage to report the crimes they may bare witness to with immediacy and full disclosure.

Residents should not be afraid to come forward with any information about suspicious activity around town. We charge residents to act with great vigilance about an issue that affects all individuals about town, and we urge our local police department to continue their efforts to crack down on this growing problem.

As Mayor Auxer said, “We need to help each other.”

To learn more details about the vandalism impacting Shepherdstown, read the story on page 1. Residents can report suspicious incidents to the police by calling 304-725-8484 or by emailing tips@shepherdstown.us.