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The fight on terror is not over

By Staff | May 6, 2011

Earlier this week, Americans sat before their televisions, awe-struck, as President Barack Obama announced to the world that al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces in a Pakistan.

For almost 10 years, Americans everywhere have sought justice for pain felt across the nation after the 9/11 attacks, a plan cooked up by bin Laden and his al-Qaida followers which resulted in the loss of more than 3,000 lives.

“We were united as one American family,” Obama said in his address late Sunday night. “We were also united in our resolve to protect our nation and to bring those who committed this vicious attack to justice.”

While justice may be had for now and this is a victory for the United States, we’re glad to see security measures being stepped up across the nation.

Bin Laden’s reach was far and wide, and the effect will trickle down. While some may be able to sleep easier at night knowing this most-wanted terrorist has been wiped out, the fight on terror is not over.

It may not end in our lifetime or our children or grandchildren’s lifetime, but we hope to see the war on terror end.