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A commitment to innovation

By Staff | May 12, 2011

Last month’s approval of a permit for the addition of solar panels to a property in the historic district is a welcome break from the usually rigid regulations regarding housing covenants in downtown Shepherdstown.

This departure from the status quo may characterize a planning commission that is interested in being forward-thinking and progressive, even in a historic town.

This month Nathaniel “Than” and Mary Anne Hitt began installation on their garage on Washington Street.

In an article on Page 1 of this week’s paper, Than expressed his hope about what the project could mean for the town.

“This project shows that solar power and historic preservation are compatible,” he said.

Like the Hitts, we think the project is an encouraging sign of what’s possible when those tasked with preserving the historic nature of our town take 21st century realities into consideration.

In a time period marked by coal mining disasters and spikes in oil prices, it’s in our global interest to embrace new and alternative forms of energy.

In some small way, projects like the Hitt’s demonstrate Shepherdstown’s commitment to innovation.