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Voter turnout disappointing

By Staff | May 19, 2011

About a week ago, some West Virginians hit the polling places to vote for an unprecedented special gubernatorial election in our state’s history.

And the turnout in both the state and the county were not impressive.

Total voter turnout was just over 10 percent in Jefferson County and the unofficial state turnout reached 16 percent.

For such a unique situation, we at The Shepherdstown Chronicle would think registered voters would have a keen interest in this election.

It started out with 14 democrats and republicans throwing their names in the hat; and then there were two.

Acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin received the democratic nomination while Bill Maloney took the republican party. We hope by the time the general election comes around in October, a greater number of registered voters have educated themselves on these candidates’ platforms, realized the importance of casting their ballots and make their way to the polls.

Eastern Panhandle residents often talk about mending the disconnect they feel between this region and Charleston. Going to the polls, increasing voter turnout and casting a ballot for the candidate you truly believe will cater to the needs of this region and the state might not completely fix this problem, but it will set it on the path of reparation.

Voter apathy won’t help. Let’s show in October that more than 10 percent of the voting population in this county cares – especially about issues that affect this region.