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Take part in the town’s energy future

By Staff | Dec 9, 2011

At its last meeting, the present Shepherdstown Historic Landmarks members – though there was no quorum – agreed to take a look at reworking its guidelines regarding solar panels in the historic district.

The HLC’s next meeting is this coming Monday, Dec. 12, and we at The Chronicle urge all those interested in the issue to participate in the discussion.

Whether you want to learn more, contribute to the process or to voice your opinion, this is an important time in our town’s history.

Currently the guidelines read, “(s)olar collectors should be located on rear sections of the roof of a building, behind dormers, gables or in other areas not readily visible to the public.”

In October, the Shepherdstown Planning Commission, after a recommendation from the HLC, voted to deny Washington Street resident Joe Yates’ application to place photovoltaics on the street-facing roof of his home. It was after that decision that planning and landmarks commissioners voiced their opinions over melding the historic and the progressive ways of the town.

We at The Chronicle applaud the efforts of the town government to move toward a brighter energy future, and it cannot be done without input from town residents. Be there to participate in the process.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.