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By Staff | Feb 3, 2012

Within the past few weeks, the Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Department has worked hard in helping to ensure that each home in our community is equipped with a working smoke detector. Members of the department have handed out more than 26 free detectors to residents here and have even helped install some of those systems. Kudos to these volunteers who see it as part of their work to help all of us be safe.

Experts indicate that a working smoke detector can save lives in more than 50 percent of home fires. Each of us should take the time to install one in our homes and in our businesses. For those who already have detectors, remember to check the batteries and make sure the unit is in working order. As we head into March in just a few short weeks, the standard time to change batteries falls in line with the springing forward of our clocks.

One never knows when a fire can break out or for what reason; however, taking proactive steps to secure the safety of all who reside within the walls of a home can make the difference between loss of possessions and loss of life.

It is still the time of year when many fires occur as a result of the use of space heaters or over-extended wiring. A working smoke detector can allow family members to escape a burning home. In addition to making sure your detector works, have a planned point of contact outside the home so that each member of the household can be accounted for.

Shepherdstown’s Fire Department has stated that their goal is to make sure that each home in the county is protected by a working detector. For those who may need assistance with securing a mechanism and/or those who may need help installing one, contact the members at Company 3 at 304-876-2311. Help these fine volunteers succeed in their own mission to keep their community safe.