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By Staff | Mar 9, 2012

Remember this Saturday night to set your clock. It is that “spring forward” time of year where we lose a perfectly good hour of sleep. But, to compensate, we do receive more daylight hours to get active and shake off winter blues. Of course this year, we have had a sparse taste of the winter blues.

Regardless, we at the Chronicle encourage our readers to get out and get moving with the extra hours of daylight available. Head over to Morgan’s Grove Park and take a spin on the walking track or stroll downtown window shopping. Of course, the potential is there for actual shopping as well.

A walk through the Shepherd campus could provide some additional aerobic workout as the hills and turns are a bit more advanced than the walking path or flat sidewalks. And the campus is alive with entertaining students.

The point is to get out and participate in physical exercise or movement. Call it movement if the word “exercise” offends. Mother Nature appears to be cooperating by providing pre-spring weather for us to enjoy and now extended hours make the call to head out not only tolerable but enjoyable.

In addition to walking, the time is here to prepare for spring planting whether it be flower boxes or garden plots. An excellent source of calorie-burning, gardening provides relaxation and reward when the fruits of one’s labor are harvested. While not everyone has the space to plant a garden, flowers are a beautiful addition to any home.

For those who wish to grow their own foods and reduce the grocery store bill a tad, there are several locations where one can rent a plot and plant. Spring crops, with the continued good weather, will be available before long. Of course, one can wait to purchase at the local farmer’s market as well…and walk to get there.

The possibilities are endless to get out and get moving. A walk along the canal is another potential outing. All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other. We encourage you to try it. Rumor has it that the more you try, the more you enjoy!