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By Staff | Apr 13, 2012

This week’s issue of the Chronicle mentions volunteers in a couple of different places. Volunteer: a special word describing a special type of individual. Without these special individuals, where would we be? Many events and projects would simply cease to exist. For that very reason, we choose to commend all those who offer of their time, resources and expertise in a volunteer capacity, expecting nothing in return for their efforts.

Our community is filled with opportunity for one to volunteer to assist neighbors, strangers, animals or the environment. Without the efforts of such volunteers, our citizenry could go hungry, our animals be homeless and our natural resources be in complete disarray if not completely destroyed.

Think about it: the trash along the roadways does not automatically find its way to a trash can.

Volunteers in the Adopt-a-Highway program or individuals who care about appearances pick it up. Events such as Streetfest do not miraculously happen as is evidenced through today’s front page article. No one is paid to bring such an event to town, volunteers work at it because they see it as a good thing to offer to the community, one that doesn’t fit in to some government budget somewhere.

Speaking of governments, that brings up the many boards and committees that exist in town, the county and the state. These seats are filled with volunteers who seldom receive thanks for the work they do.

Volunteers can also be found within the halls of our schools, on the athletic fields, the stages of drama productions, churches and anyplace else there is work to be done. Those individuals are special-the ones who see a need and step up to fill it.

We encourage everyone to find a bit of that special volunteer magic within themselves and step out to help with a project, an event, an ongoing group. Whether a one-time effort or one that finds you committed for the long haul, the personal satisfaction of a job well done is immeasurable. Reaching out to help someone who is in need whether it be by providing meals, transportation, guidance or assistance of some kind, there is no higher calling.

Kudos to all in our community who step up to fill the volunteer seats. If you haven’t done so, check around and find a place where you, too, can make a difference!