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Remember to Cast Your Vote

By Staff | May 15, 2012

The primary election is fast approaching and all are reminded to head out to the polling place on Tuesday, May 8 to cast your vote for any number of offices. Ballots are printed in today’s edition of The Chronicle to allow voters to see which choices are available.

While the Chronicle does not endorse any candidates at this time, we simply stress the importance of each registered voter to get out there and make your voice heard. This primary narrows the field for those who will be making decisions for all of us both locally and nationally over the coming years. It is the responsibility of each citizen to make his or her choice based on sound research and study of what each candidate has to offer.

Locally, this primary will determine two seats on the Board of Education. The day to day experiences of our children rest in the hands of this Board. They make all decisions from hiring of teachers to text books selections. There is nothing more important than the opportunities available to the next generation and a solid foundation to lead them in lives of responsibility and knowledge. Make two selections from the candidates who will best serve our youngsters.

And while many of us have grown tired of the constant campaigning, as it seems campaigns start the minute one is elected, we must not grow weary of the challenge to select the candidates who will best serve the needs of all of the citizenry. That ranges from the local sheriff race to county commissioners, to delegates and up to the President of the United States. The decisions these elected officials make every day affect nearly everything we do. With the continued expansion of government into the living of daily lives, whether it be locally or nationally, one must be conscious of who will be making the decisions that affect us all.

Early voting has been available and will continue to be available through Saturday. Polls open at 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday and remain open until 7:30 p.m. If you are registered as an Independent, remember to ask for either a Republican or a Democrat ballot if you see one or the other as more important in the primary race. Otherwise, your ballot will not offer as many options. Poll workers will not remind you of this choice, so remember to ask when you enter the polling place. Let’s work to make this a record turnout of Jefferson County voters!