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Right in our own backyard

By Staff | May 25, 2012

While working on suggestions for our sister paper, The Journal, that will offer 101 Things to Do, the realization struck that we really are very close to Washington, D.C. The realization also struck that we don’t take advantage of it. Travel to our nation’s capital is easy and inexpensive (at least by train) from our own backyard. There are so many wonderful places to visit there and things to learn.

A trip to any one of the Smithsonian museums could result in a grand day trip. Of course, it could take more than one day to see all there is to see. While the Smithsonian is a popular destination point, there are so many other lesser thought-of options to discover there.

One can travel and see how our money is made, how stamps are printed, how newspapers are documented and how animals survive at the National Zoo. There are monuments to visit, soldiers to be remembered, leaders recognized and politicians observed. Years ago, schools took more trips to the nation’s capital so that students could see such sites as the White House and the Capitol Building. Now those once public buildings are difficult to get into and trips focus more on entertainment than education. What a shame that we don’t take more advantage of the learning opportunities within a stone’s throw from home.

This summer, The Chronicle suggests a road trip to Washington, D.C.–or maybe two! Let’s visit and learn about what makes this country great. Art museums, cemeteries, statues and even a pretty cool train station await us. Travel there, then come home and share your experiences with us. We shall do the same.