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Reap the harvest, share the taste

By Staff | Jun 1, 2012

Driving around the area, one can find beautiful gardens growing and berry patches and fruit trees beginning to put forth tasty treats. We at the Chronicle encourage everyone to take advantage of the produce harvested at this time of year whether it be in your own backyard or found at the Farmer’s Market or a local orchard.

In addition to “reaping the harvest,” we know that there are many great cooks out there who have delicious ways to prepare these fresh foods and we are putting out a call for the sharing of some of those recipes. In an upcoming issue, we would like to share ways to prepare such things as smoothies, fruit concoctions, jams and jellies and any variety of ways to cook (or not) and enjoy vegetables. We ask that our readers submit their favorites to our email address along with any special story connected to the recipe (as in passed down for generations or created by quite getting another recipe correct).

Strawberries are currently available and can be used to create delicious dishes while broccoli, lettuces and other vegetables can provide light, yet filling fare. Top these with some fresh herbs and the taste buds will go crazy.

The benefits to our health from consuming fresh fruits and vegetables has been documented in countless ways. Those benefits are important, but taste is so much moreso! With that in mind, we ask for your contributions to our local recipe file. Please include your name so that all will know the source of what you share.