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The world in which we live

By Staff | Aug 31, 2012

It has been a bit upsetting to read the headlines in the local papers (and the national papers) lately as the news all seems to negative. There are stories full of details about drug use and crime. In the neighboring county, actually in the neighboring town, there are tales of shootings, break-ins and worse. Nationally we hear of mass killings such as the one in Colorado and then in New York.

What is our world coming to? And an even more difficult question perhaps, how do we protect ourselves from it?

Surely the economy has some claim on the increased break-ins all around us. People feel they must take desperate measures to survive, perhaps. Sale of drugs and the use thereof increase because the money can be made in that arena. As far as national news of mass shootings, I wonder if there were cases of such in the past that prior to news at our fingertips we simply were not aware.

Regardless of the reasons for the trend, we must determine what we can do to not fall victim to the next assault. The idea and practice of educating our youth about drug use and abuse should be more prevalent than ever. While education does not guarantee one won’t have problems with drugs somewhere along the line, it at least makes youth especially, aware of the dangers. The county’s recently begun regional drug court should help some who fall into the trap escape it.

How can we protect ourselves from being a target of a robber? While there is again no guarantee, there are measures we can and should take to discourage those who seek to do us damage in that way. Never leave expensive items or purses in open sight when you exit your vehicle. The appearance is an open invitation to someone to break in. The same can be said of one’s home. Draw the curtains so that your possessions are not visible from the street.

Lock your doors and windows and if you have any affection for four-legged friends, purchase a dog. They are great deterrents to home invaders. Don’t put information out in a public forum such as Facebook or Twitter that you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time. That could make you an easy target.

Be aware of your surroundings and of any suspicious individuals. If there is someone that makes you feel uncomfortable who is not normally in your neighborhood, notify the local police. It is better to be proactive than suffer an injustice such as a break-in or worse.