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Support your local paper this week and every weekSupport your local paper this week and every week

By Staff | Oct 5, 2012

This week marks the official “National Newpaper Week,” a time when readers are encouraged to think about what makes their newspapers important and to recognize what newspapers offer to a community. While there are a variety of needs met by a newspaper including the provision of sate, national and local news, the community newspaper holds a special place in the hearts of its readers and its writers.

Those of us here at the Chronicle who provide you with a detailed glimpse into the town and its residents, events and happenings, do so with joy and as members of the community. We take pride in the fact that we provide you with information that is not always readily available at the click of a mouse or the scroll of a touch screen.

We take our jobs seriously and personally and strive to offer the kinds of material our community readers hope to find in their “hometown” paper. We constantly seek to better the offerings and discover new and exciting things to share with you, our readers. Your continued support of our weekly endeavor is one that we, too, take seriously. We could not continue to provide insight and announcements, features and news, without the backing of Shepherdstown and its residents as well as those outside of our immediate neighborhood who continue to turn our pages.

Many say the future of newspapers is a dire one with the availability of news at one’s fingertips electronically; however, we cannot help but believe there are many like us who enjoy the feel of paper in our hands and the turning of the pages before us. We strive to continue as a source of your local information information that cannot be found elsewhere. We hope to remain a welcome addition to your weekly lives and a fixture in providing town information. We seek your continued input in what we can do better and will remain, for better or worse, your newspaper.