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This weekend….a celebrations

By Staff | Nov 9, 2012

As we move away from the turmoil of elections and the stress and strife over the past several months, let us look forward to a beautiful weekend in Shepherdstown where celebrations and activities will bring smiles to all faces.

This weekend culminates a year-long celebration of the 250th signing of the town’s charter. The Chronicle looks forward to sharing in the celebration of the “Coming Home” weekend in welcoming representatives of so many of the early families to the parade. How exciting and what a feat on the part of the organizers of the weekend’s events to secure so many participants. Kudos to all who contributed to that endeavor!

And what better way to ring in the Thanksgiving season than the breaking of bread and sharing of soup in this case. Taste buds are already tingling just thinking of all the delicious possibilities there will be at the Soup Fest. We commend each organization that is stepping up and opening their doors to share in such a community-centered event. There are so many to thank for the success of the past year that to try to do so would surely leave someone out. The 250 Committee certainly deserves high praise for all its efforts making each of the events happen over the past year. But also contributing were many private individuals, small groups and less-recognized organizations, each of whom contributed to make the whole year-long celebration special.

As residents of Shepherdstown and beyond, we encourage you to come out and celebrate the closing of this momentous year by attending each activity scheduled this weekend. From Friday’s potluck supper to Saturday’s dedication of the plaque to town founder Thomas Shepherd to the opening of the Grist Mill in a season not usually conducive to that opening, to Sunday’s steam engine demonstration, parade, soup fest and party afterward, come out and continue to experience all that makes Shepherdstown what it is. We hope to see you there!