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We have so much to be thankful for…

By Staff | Nov 23, 2012

While pondering the sermon from church on Sunday, I have focused on a portion of it for expansion into an editorial this week. Pastor Mark Henson pointed out to us at Fellowship Bible Church that it is not enough to be thankful for, say, the oatmeal in your bowl. You have to realize the entire span of events leading that bowl of oatmeal from God’s hands to yours. Gramted. Pastor Mark’s final purpose was to make us be aware of God’s provision; however, he hit upon a profound train of thought in his presentation.

We have so much to be thankful for and we need to be more cognizant with regard to all that goes into supplying our needs and wants. Since oatmeal is not my favorite thing, I will veer off to something more tasty perhaps cake. I am thankful that I can enjoy cake but I do not, on a routine basis, think about all the people and events involved in providing me with cake. First, the earth must be prepared to grow the crops from which the flour comes. There are farmers somewhere whom I shall never meet who make it possible for me to enjoy cake. In addition, there are potentially other workers who harvest the grain; those who work in the mills and factories to prepare the flour for sale. There are truck drivers who deliver it and stockpersons in a grocery store who put it on the shelf. There is the cashier who sells it to me (or often to someone else to bake for me…that adds an additional layer of thanks).

Go even further to those who write the copy for the packaging or design it so it’s ready to be sold. Add in all the ingredients used to make a cake and you have chicken farmers, confectioners, sugar producers and any additional number of individuals who are responsible for my ability to enjoy cake.

It really becomes quite mind-boggling when you think about it. We are not self-sufficient in any manner; there is always someone who has done something to help us along.

At this time of Thanksgiving, take a moment to ponder how many people are involved in providing you with each and everything you have for use or consumption in your life. Let us realize that we are a wealthy people in the scope of things. For just a few moments, at least, be thankful for all those who have worked to provide for you through their efforts despite the fact that they will never know you, nor you them. The mere enormity of the thought process should humble us all just a bit.