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What would they say if I was gone?

By Staff | Feb 22, 2013

What would they say about me if I was no longer here? That is a question that has been stated in conversations I have had this week regarding the passing of Coach Bill Osbourn.

From all I have heard, “Coach” was not only a positive influence on his athletes but on all the students and young people he came into contact with. He was a role model for his family, a leader in all respects.

As I sat talking to his son, Mark, the comments on the influence the man had struck me as a telltale description of the man. I only met “Coach” one time, at a recent awards celebration where he was honored. But I feel safe in saying that his influence is something we need to see more of in today’s world.

Each of us may need to ask the question, “What would they say?” about how we present ourselves to those around us each day. Are we living a good life, being a role model and offering guidance to those who seek it from us? Do we exemplify a work ethic rather than portray one who expects things to be handed to us? Do we complain rather than be thankful? Do we work as hard as we expect others to work? Would someone say, if we were gone, that we taught them something positive?

Those questions, and so many others, should make us take a long look at our own lives, our own actions.

Do we ever realize what effect we have on others? I would point out that each of us does have an effect. We have children, friends, co-workers, family members looking at what we do and emulating those things. While that may seem a burden to bear, we bear it nonetheless. We should all strive to put the best foot forward, to act in a positive manner, to live right rather than wrong and to show those who look to us for guidance that hard work is the way to succeed.

Those lessons were ones taught by example at the hands of Coach Osbourn. He expected his students, his student athletes, his children to work hard but he worked hard, too. We should follow his lead and make a conscious effort to offer a fine role model for those around us.