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One step at a time

By Staff | Apr 26, 2013

One dance step at a time, that is. It is with each step that the students at the Shepherdstown School of Dance have learned over the years and have practiced this year in preparation for this weekend’s spring performance.

Having no ability whatsoever as a dancer, I must simply share with you that these young people are amazing! The agility and ease of their movements is a sight to behold. I had the pleasure of attending a practice session this week and watching them as they continue to perfect moves for Saturday’s show at the Frank Center.

With a show this close, one would think that nerves would already be getting the better of them as well as frustration at not reaching perfection with every move. That is far from the truth, which I believe, goes a long way in making these dancers so much better in their actions.

They truly love what they are doing and even when someone turned wrong and bumped into someone else, or the spin wasn’t quite all the way around, there was no sign of frustration. There was laughter and the desire to do it again and get it right. There was extra practice after the class time was over to perfect a move all done with smiles and a fun-loving attitude.

Watching these young people doing something that they obviously take great pleasure in was inspiring to say the least. To see smiles light their faces when they received a “good job” from their instructor…motivational for the viewer!

In a time when many, youth and older folks, spend so much time wasting time or being consumed by not having enough time, it was a joy to share in the hard work and excitement put in by these dancers.

I would encourage each of you to head over to the Frank Center either Saturday or Sunday and enjoy a dance presentation by this dedicated group of youngsters and their instructor, Emily Romine. Even if you are not a dance expert, their hard work will be evident and your presence will make a great reward for all that they have put in!