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Streetfest offers economic boom to town

By Staff | Jul 5, 2013

With beautiful weather Saturday, along with a phenomenal job of organizing the annual Streetfest event, Shepherdstown saw an influx of thousands of people on German Street. Those people came to enjoy the festival atmosphere, to listen to great music, to socialize and to shop!

Kudos to Lori Robertson, Chris Stroech and the rest of the organizers of this event who successfully brought more than 8,000 people into town. While the vendors who came specifically for this event had a great day of sales, so did local shops and restaurants. People could be seen traveling in and out of shops all day with bags and packages. They ventured in to restaurants that offer the unique Shepherdstown experience. They now know, if they did not before, what this little town has to offer and I know many will come back even when there is not a festival going on.

We at the Chronicle are thrilled that the annual event has continued to be such a huge success. It is difficult at best to coordinate such an undertaking which then relies on good weather, advertising and a little prayer (or maybe a lot) to come together. Last year, despite the derecho the night before, the festival still saw good attendance, but nothing like this year’s numbers.

The financial benefit to the charities selected by Streetfest will be significant, but the financial benefit to the local economy was also significant. For those businesses who showed any hesitation in supporting the event, we surely hope that the crowds and their visits to your stores and eateries where they purchased your goods have helped you see the benefit of this one-day festival. We understand there were record sales in some shops!

Congratulations to the Streetfest organizers for another job well done. If you see any of them out and about, make sure you, too, thank them for their efforts in bringing the people to town to visit, spend their hard-earned dollars and make memories!