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Who’s reality is this?

By Staff | Aug 23, 2013

Each month I write a check to Comcast for cable television and shake my head in wonder at why I continue to do it. The line up of programs, with hundreds of channels, is not worth much, definitely not the amount I pay.

The influx of “reality television” literally scares me as I attempt to regulate what my teenagers are watching. The absolute killing of brain cells done by watching such so-called shows as Honey Boo Boo and the Next Top Model has me in fear for the ability of today’s youth to actually function in adulthood. Of course, today’s adults fixate on these types of show as well, which doesn’t say much for our intellectual capacities.

I must admit that I have watched some episodes of some shows dubbed “reality,” especially on the Food Network where things like “Chopped” and “Restaurant Impossible” catch my eye. I have even laughed at a few things said on the ever popular “Duck Dynasty” but some of these so-called shows simply have to be creations of someone’s imagination.

To look and listen as folks swap spouses and wade through hoarder’s belongings is not entertainment. To watch days of American Idol (and I know a lot of people love this) and Survivor says to me that we are moving in a direction that should be changed. What happened to shows with values, morals, educational components? They offered entertainment as well.

Comedies like Bill Cosby, Home Improvement and the like were true highlights of our family TV watching. There are still some dramas and police shows that we gravitate toward; however, one can only watch so many episodes of CSI wherever….

Even the cable channels like History and A&E are funneling their efforts toward unrealistic “reality.”

If this is what the television world has to offer, along with too many newscasts, then I suggest we all pick up a good book!