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Perseverance despite shutdown

By Staff | Oct 14, 2013

Kudos to Freedom’s Run organizers who are moving ahead with the annual event despite the childish behavior of our federal government in continuing with the shutdown of the area’s national parks. The ridiculous roping off and forcing out of the public from publicly owned lands and monuments could have caused this annual event to be a standstill. Instead, organizers have worked out an alternate route and the event will go on as usual. Full details of the re-routing of the event can be found in today’s Chronicle.

Joining the Freedom’s Run mindset of making the best of the situation are the business owners in Harpers Ferry. A town made up of national park properties, the public business owners could have taken a significant hit on their profits with this government shut down. To help avoid such devastation, the business owners have worked together to promote the town and encourage visitors to head in anyway.

The busiest time of year for the town, fall colors offering a huge draw, business owners are working to publicize that they are still open for business and to offer any type of information normally presented by the park service. The individuals are offering historic facts to visitors as well as suggestions of where to park to come into the town as the park service’s shuttle service and parking areas are closed.

With no real end in sight on the behavior coming out of Washington, other areas around the nation will need to take the same initiatives taken by Harpers Ferry and Freedom’s Run. With roadways into the Great Smokey Mountains being closed off and open air monuments fenced off, the American people are seeing a slap in the face from the government they have elected. Shame on Washington and those we all voted to send there. They need to grow up and quit trying to poke jabs at each other while only hurting the people of the country.