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We must all join forces against cancer

By Staff | Oct 22, 2013

The month of October is known for so many things…fall colors, Halloween and so much more. It is also Breast Cancer Awareness month.

When checking out a website regarding the designation of the month, I found that 11 of the 12 months have “cancer awareness” designations. February encompasses “Cancer Prevention” while the others designate specific types of cancer.

While breast cancer certainly rises to the top of the list of well-known “months” and types of cancer, the list of other cancer awareness months and all the types of cancer that are out there made me think about how difficult this disease as a whole can be and what a toll it can take on those fighting it and their families.

I have friends fighting different types of cancer and it is a constant struggle to deal with treatments, set backs, family trials, loss of faith and fear. I pray for them daily and I hope that one day there will be a cure to this awful disease. Ron Lemon and Eric Fargo come to mind this morning. My sister Sandy who is a breast cancer survivor also enters my thoughts. I am sure there are any number of friends and family on each of your lists as well.

This cancer, this awful thing, does not distinguish who its target will be. It doesn’t focus on the elderly, the frail or any specific demographic. It reaches its ugly hand out to grab all ages, all races, male and female, rich or poor.

With that said, I encourage everyone to give if they are able to help with cancer research. It is hard to fathom that in today’s day and age of modern technology and modern medicine that we can’t find a fix for these devastating diseases. There have been inroads made and each day brings better understanding of the paths these diseases may take. Hopefully that brings us one day closer to cures.

It takes money to research and it takes money to offer treatments. Any assistance to research in the area makes a difference. There is also the opportunity to donate directly to the care of a patient such as with St. Jude’s or other cancer treatment facilities. Patients are stressed enough with the diagnosis and subsequent battle– stress over financial issues can only make the entire experience worse. Check out where your donation can make the most difference. And if you are not able to donate financially, find a way to volunteer and help with fundraising efforts or other awareness projects. It will take us all to finally find an answer.