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The greatest gift

By Staff | Nov 18, 2013

As we head into the holiday season, I am hearing (and asking) “What would you like for Christmas?” and while there are many pictures running through my head of nice jewelry, clothes, maybe even a new car; and my children list off all kinds of outlandish expectations, I find myself inwardly asking, what is a really important gift?

As I signed up today to volunteer with the Good Shepherd Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers and as I dropped off donations for the Food Pantry at Jefferson County Community Ministries, I realized that the most important gift is that of your time or material items for someone in need.

There are so many individuals right here in our community who are in need and those of us who are able to share can offer them a great gift. Food on the table for those families who have no other way to provide is a blessing beyond words. The numbers continue to grow for those who need this service, not only at holiday time, but all year long.

Giving of my time to drive a senior citizen to a doctor’s appointment; that is one of the gifts I look forward to not only giving, but receiving. There is a huge need for such volunteerism in our community. Good Shepherd has put out the call on more than one occasion for those who can give of their time.

We never know when our own time of need will come. These wonderful folks who need a little help and a little kindness, I am sure, did not plan to be in need! Circumstances arise that have dramatic outcomes; sad outcomes; embarrassing outcomes when one needs help and doesn’t want to ask. It could happen to any of us in a moment!

Make it a priority to give of your time, your resources, not for personal gain, but for the gain of another. There is no greater gift.