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Reading is fundamental

By Staff | Dec 27, 2013

As we head into another new year, there are many areas to which we can shift our focus for those infamous resolutions. One that is an easy one to make and keep is to spend time reading!

In our fast-paced, hand-held gadget world, we often skip over the written word in favor of videos, pictures, tweets (which don’t really count as the written word) and other media outlets rather than taking time to sit down with a book, newspaper or magazine.

Of course, working in this industry, I have a bit of loyalty to actual paper, but am not opposed totally to the electronic books. It is the actual act of reading and learning something that is important.

We need to start our children off young with books. Take them to the libraries for lap baby programs, read to them each day and show excitement when it comes time for them to get their own library card.

The world found in the pages of books provide an outlet away from our own world. They provide lessons in history and ideas for the future. They offer fairy tale worlds or worlds that could become reality.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not open a book to read. It is easy to fit into a daily schedule. If you are so inclined, start the day with devotional or Bible reading. The Bible is, after all, a history book as well as a life tool for many.

Pick up a magazine and actually read an article during your lunch break don’t just skim through and look at the pictures.

And before you close your eyes at night, read a few pages of a book you faithfully have beside your bed. Even if you only make it through a page or two before falling asleep, the effort is made.

Visit your local library to find all sorts of books that could peak your interest. They have everything under the sun and they are here to serve you. No more excuses! Make reading a priority in your house, for all members of your family. The lifelong benefits will never cease to amaze you!