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Despite the cold, life must go on

By Staff | Jan 13, 2014

We have certainly faced some grueling temperatures this week. These have led to a variety of issues, closings, accidents, frozen pipes, etc., which have put lives in turmoil. But regardless of the challenges, life must go on!

For the first time, I believe, all 55 counties canceled school for weather-related issues. I must admit that closing for “cold” is not something I totally believe in. I believe that youth today need to be taught that fashion should not rise above needed outerwear and that parents should put coats, hats and gloves on their children. I was blasted pretty heavily on social media for having those views (although I also received a lot of support), but it doesn’t change my opinion that we are too out of touch with reality and too soft in fear of potential trouble.

With that said, the extreme cold on Tuesday changed my thought on children being home and I am thankful the school board made the decision they did. Elementary kids, especially, that have to walk to school within our county, should not have faced those elements.

BUT, our teachers should have. Instead, teachers received another day off. I know that some probably worked from home; however, it is my opinion that their job is to report to school and they should not be excused because it’s cold outside. Those of us in other professions did not have that luxury we were up and out the door into cold cars, heading into the office or, for many, outdoor jobs.

Teachers often vocalize that they do not have enough “planning time” or time without students to get their work done. Days when students are excused, such as this one, offered prime time for classroom work, for which teachers are getting paid.

But travel was difficult, some say, with icy conditions. Then, as with all other jobs, make a decision for safety. Use leave time if necessary and stay home. But otherwise, report to work. That goes for the Board offices as well, who, according to their statement sent to parents, were not reporting to work until noon. Really? There is no reason that I can discern for that delay in opening administrative offices.

We have become a pampered society that takes every opportunity to avoid responsibility. Perhaps a fear of a lawsuit if someone got hurt on the ice or ill from the cold was a factor in making the decisions that are being made these days. If so, shame on those making them! That encourages that type of retaliation and blame.

Being in the grown up world was never made out to be a walk in the park. Put your coat on and go to work-it’s part of life.