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Simply enjoy the music

By Staff | Jan 31, 2014

I am anticipating an upcoming interview with the Music Fellows at Shepherd University and attending their upcoming recital. With those events in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity this week to simply say, enjoy the music.

There is music everywhere around us. We can visit Shepherd on any given day of the week to enjoy performances, recitals, shows. We can visit the Opera House to relax and be filled with the inspiration from any number of musical performances. Visit local businesses to hear great bands and individuals who share their talents each and every week. O’Hurley’s offers the Thursday jam sessions. Black Dog Coffee has daily entertainment and welcomes visitors. Church choirs motivate us on Sunday mornings.

Music is everywhere!

Shepherdstown Middle School students are preparing for upcoming band festivals. They have received top honors across the state for their performances over the last several years. Take time to find out the dates of their festivals (held at Jefferson and at Shepherd) and go encourage these young musicians. The same can be said for Jefferson High School’s bands and choirs. These are outstanding students who love to share their talents.

The Region IX Honor Band performances are coming soon as top performers from the local middle and high schools have been selected to perform.

We are blessed to be in a location where we can enjoy these musicians, young and old. We can enjoy their offerings within walking distance or a short drive from our homes. We can also choose to travel further, heading to venues for more professional offerings such as the Baltimore/Washington area.

And music, isn’t it wonderful? It can inspire us, motivate us, relax us-all in a matter of a few minutes. Depending on what our needs may be, we can simply turn on a radio station for some dance music, quieting jazz or inspirational spiritual or Christian music. We can celebrate our heritage or the heritage of others via music.

Take the time to enjoy it!